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Curated Management Group was built from a dream turned reality in early 2021. CMG seeks to develop and push every creative to their highest potential. Although inclusive, this management company may not be for everyone. Our selective process as we consider talent gives us room to be hands on and all in with every artist. Why? Our goal is to take the load off of our artists so they have freedom to lean into their creativity. Lastly, Our mission is to expand the platform of our creative beyond the song - leading them to discover new levels of artistry and business. Curated Management Group will introduce your gift to new opportunities and greater platforms through experience and relationship.

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Grammy Award Winning WORSHIP ARTIST

Armed with her melodious voice, guitar, and pen, Naomi Raine is on a mission to spread the love of God through song. Singing since the age of four, and songwriting since the age of seven, Naomi has always found it easiest to communicate the intricacies of life through lyrics and melodies. Her strong desire to see the body of Christ united and operating in power fuels her relentless drive to make music that penetrates the heart, and inspires a thirst to worship God in Spirit and in truth. This is evident in her first viral single, “Pour Me Out,” that gave language to a young audience desiring to live a surrendered life. Since then, Naomi has kept this message relevant through every project, including her most recent recording, “Back to Eden” - parts 1 and 2. Naomi has featured on countless projects with some of the most acclaimed artists in Christian music such as, Todd Dulaney, JJ Hairston, Bethel Music, Jonathan and Melissa Helser, and IsraelHoughton to name a few.One of Naomi’s joys is singing with her new found family, Maverick City Music, who has taken the world by storm over the past few years. Together, they have touched generations of people and have been widely recognized as artists who are leading the masses to the heart of God. As a part ofMaverick City Music, Naomi has earned multiple awards including, Billboard Music Awards, DoveAwards, Stellar Awards, and is now a Grammy nominated artist. She is featured on songs such as “Story I’ll Tell,” and the award-nominated “Jireh,” and “Promises.” Naomi had the pleasure of making her film debut in “Christmas with The Chosen” with Maverick City Music


Worship Artist

Michael Perry is a singer's singer. Carrying a heavily traditional sound on the surface, one could be persuaded to put Michael in a box. However, his sound is far more than gospel. Bringing a familiar gospel tone into a contemporary, pop sound is what you can expect from singer/songwriter Michael Perry. A worshipper at heart - yet somehow in the midst of the edgy melodies, you will find at the core, a heart to communicate the gospel message in a variety of styles with no regard to labels. Be on the Lookout for his forthcoming single and EP available on all outlets soon.


Christian Contemporary

From vibey melodies to gritty bangers, Ryan Avery’s eclectic sound is easily identifiable. Inspired by a variety of artists, ranging from Ye to Steffany Gretzinger, Ryan is a singer/songwriter with an unbridled love for God and music. With his signature tone, Ryan Avery has a way of making every song his own. Ryan is passionate about creating eclectic sounds and rhythms that can shape the next generation of musicians. His most recent single, “Submission,” can currently be found on all streaming platforms.


Gospel/Worship Artist

2016 marked a year of prophetic manifestation in Enrique's life as he embarked on a journey to record his first Live Album -Try Again Live and releasing his first single, Miracle Worker, which placed #2 on the Billboard charts at #2 Hot Single Sales and #20 Hot Gospel Songs. His first album, Try Again Live released on July 19, 2018 debuting at #3 on the Billboard Top Gospel Albums charts! His follow up single Something Big charted in the Top 20 on Billboard Hot Gospel Songs Charts. Enrique releases prophetic sounds of hope to propel the people of God into their full potential.


Meet the ceo


G. Morris Coleman, Jr. is a Mount Vernon native and all around inspiration for many. Groomed from a city of some of music’s greatest influencers, Heavy D, Pete Rock, and DMX, the music industry was well within reach. As a child, Morris often found himself starting music groups, which then led to cultivating his artistry as be began to compose songs, direct choirs, and manage artists. Yet, there was still more for him to discover. Morris understood that good leadership was essential for every thriving career. As such, a passion for leadership developed as he sharpened his skills by way of education, world renowned seminars, and training with the world’s top tier leaders. Coleman would not be comfortable with keeping this wealth of knowledge to himself. As such, he launched The Build Up in 2019, which is a program designed to build individuals towards becoming respected executives in their industry.

It was finally time to pick up where he left off - writing music and revisiting his true passion for artist management. Most recently, G. Morris Coleman has written on a number of songs with Naomi Raine (Best Part), Ryan Avery (Seek Your Face), and reFRESH Worship (Cry Out) to name a few. Morris is passionate about the transformative power of the music industry and seeks to stretch each artist to their full potential. A master in leadership training and skilled in sounds and artistry, G. Morris Coleman has everything needed to nurture each artist’s dream.

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